PLEASE READ – Election Department Closed to the Public Until Further Notice

Due to concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Clerk’s Office Election Department is closed to the public until further notice.

Please read this press release for complete information.

Notices Regarding the November 3rd General Election

Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders #177 and #179

Governor Murphy’s Executive Order #177, signed on August 14th, mandates significant changes to the November 3rd General Election because of COVID-19 public health concerns. Executive Order #179, signed August 25th, contains several revisions to Executive Order #177.

General Election to Be Conducted Primarily by Mail-In Ballot

Please read this announcement from County Clerk Ann F. Grossi for detailed information on how the 2020 General Election will be conducted.

Mail-In Ballot Mail Dates

Mail-In Ballots have been mailed out to all registered voters as of October 5th, as per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order. Please be aware that our office is continuing to send out ballots to voters who have recently registered or have updated their name or address since the initial mailing.

Click here to see the ballot mail dates for each town in Morris County.

Instructions on How to Vote by Mail

Please read these instructions on how to vote by mail and ensure that your vote is counted.

Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain the Vote by Mail process:

Watch the video on YouTube

Voting on Election Day

Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain Election Day procedures.

Mail-In Ballot Update

Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain the update with the Mail-In Ballots.

Watch the video on YouTube

Information on Ballot Issues

Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain Ballot issues.

Watch the video on YouTube

Addressing the Election-Related Phone Calls

Watch Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi explain about election-related phone calls.

Watch the video on YouTube

Sample Mail-In Ballots

View samples of the the Mail-in Ballots here.

Drop Box Locations

View the Board of Elections’ list of ballot drop boxes conveniently located throughout Morris County.

Track Your Mail-In Ballot

Click here to see how you can track your Mail-In Ballot.

Polling Locations

View the Board of Elections’ list of polling locations for all 39 municipalities in Morris County.

Information Regarding Party Affiliation Appearing on Mail-In Ballots

Our office has been receiving many questions concerning the notation of party affiliation on Primary Election Mail-in Ballot envelopes. These will not appear on the General Election envelopes. Please read this full statement for more information.

Statement on How the General Election Will Be Conducted

County Clerk Ann Grossi assures voters that the election will be conducted in full compliance with all applicable statutes and laws and that her duty to certify the results of the election will continue to be upheld.

Election Night Reporting Website

Visit MorrisElectionResults.org for election results! View our user guide here.

What We Do

  • Receive Mail-In Ballot requests and process them
  • Send out Mail-In Ballots
  • Offer in-person early voting for all elections in the County, along with extended hours on certain days prior to Primary and General Elections
  • Design and print Mail-In, Emergency, Provisional, Voting Machine and Sample Ballots
  • Distribute petitions for county and local offices, State Committee, November School Board candidates, Independent candidates and County Committee
  • Collect petitions for county offices, November School Board candidates, State Committee and Independent candidates
  • Tabulate election results on election night
  • Certify the election results to the NJ Division of Elections
  • Assist in the process of filing Financial Disclosure Statements that are required for certain public employees and officials
  • Work closely with the 39 municipalities in Morris County and the Board of Elections to ensure that the entire election process runs smoothly


*Email FPCAs to [email protected] or fax to 973-285-5233

Primary Election Petitions

General Election Petitions

Election Candidate Financial Filing Procedures