New Property Alert Service

We are proud to offer an exciting new FREE service that allows users to register to receive automated email notifications whenever a document is recorded in their name. In addition, users may provide the municipality, block and lot of a specific property that they wish to receive notifications for. Find more information about how you can protect yourself from fraud and easily register for this beneficial service using the following link:

Morris County Property Alert Service Website

E-Recording Level II Service

The Morris County Clerk’s Office has now implemented direct e-recording of documents.

Customers wishing to record documents electronically with our office can do so through one of the national certified electronic filing partners listed below. Submittal fees are collected by these e-recording partners and may vary from company to company. We encourage you to contact these companies to determine which company can best meet the needs of your organization.

Contact one of the delivery agents listed below for more information on how to establish an account with their organization.

Standard recording fees apply to all the documents. E-recording fees can be paid via ACH or by escrow. View our fee schedule here.

See a complete list of documents that can be e-recorded.


Simplifile: simplifile.com

To sign up, hover over the Solutions drop-down, then click on Get Started. Fill out and submit the form. A Simplifile representative will be in touch with you within one business day to help you setup e-recording. You may contact Simplifile directly by email [email protected] or call 800-460-5657.

Erxchange (ACS): www.erxchange.com

To sign up, fill out and submit the form on the Help page. You may contact eRx directly by email [email protected] or call 214-887-7461.

CSC: www.erecording.com

To sign up, fill out and submit the Request Information form to be contacted by a Document Recording Specialist. You may contact Corporation Services Company directly by email [email protected] or call 866-652-0111.